This is Weedman's mini-site on Freshbytes, the site for 'Calviners' in Tassie.

I can't think of anything else to say. I did this using NVU (can't remember what it's new name is...), vim and GEdit.

This is a direct copy of this: My own 'morpheus' Gentoo home server. You won't be able to access it without the password. Email me if you want it. I make no guarentees that it would be online though, it started making weird noises (which I assume is from the graphics card...shitty ATI GPUs)! It also forms a good funtion as a mythtv backend, samba server, dedicated torrenting machine and vnstat network interface logging.

Anyway, why were you here again? Oh yes, your after the files, aren't you? Well...chose from cake or death!

Death, specifically the ANGEL OF DEATH

Cake, obviously

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If ya wondering WTF I'm about, then read the following: 

Death: Back to Freshbytes.The forum, etc. Cake: legal applications for download (a small subset of 'em)

Contact Me: email addy

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